Unfinished plans for Bumblebee hybridization

Today, I found some Bumblebee hybrids that may have been planned in the code, but they haven’t been completed yet. Will they be added in the future?

some suggestions:

Jungle + water = swamp: it can be used to produce peat and mud balls,Maybe peat can be regenerated without other mod added peat farms. but what are the liquid products? Dirty water? This bumblebee is too dirty…

Rocky + sandy = red sand: red sand can centrifuge a little iron and diamond, which may be used as a renewable source, but it’s not efficient…

Rocky + frozen = coal (why is this combination?) : renewable coal looks like a good idea

Rocky + nether = heavy metal: a bumblebee that can produce metals sounds great, but what metals can it produce? Will it break the balance of the game?

Royal + (I think it should be soldier) = Heroic: just like forestry, it only attacks hostile creatures including skeletons, but not players and friendly creatures. It may be the first 3-tier Bumblebee (two 2-tier hybrids), but what should its product be?

frozen + nether = gloomstone:possible renewable source of glowstone.

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That is a solid “maybe”.

I’m not sure if or when I would add them, but I will put your suggestions on my notes.

What’s on your list now? I’ve been fixing bugs recently. I don’t know what you’re going to do next.

Also, I found one annoying thing: craft a bumbliary requires a hive block, but sometimes more than one princess will be offspring at a time (I don’t know if this is a bug). If it is found in time and does not die in the Royal war, then the new princess will not have a bumbliary, which is not conducive to expanding the population.

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Way too much random stuff that probably isn’t ever going to get done, due to me not really caring much about adding Features to GT6 anymore. Sure sometimes I feel like doing Stuff, but not as often as I used to, so I am doing completely unrelated things instead.

And there is a reason for the Royal War to go on, so its obviously not a Bug, that you sometimes get more than 1. :wink:

Are you seriously planning on spamming Bumbliaries just to give all the Bumbles a Home?!

Oh, so how far has mechaentia been developed? When will the first playable version be released?

I don’t know what you’ve been doing lately…

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Mechaenetia is currently somewhat on a pause due to random circumstances, and me not being able to do certain things, but that outside circumstance should fix itself over time.

Though I’ve been doing other things in the meantime, like messing around with Computer Hardware (Raspberry Pi, PinePhone etc.), and writing down random Lore things.