Under lava lake in nether can't surface

Two nether portals are putting me deep in a lake of lava and I can’t surface, nor can I escape until I die :frowning:

Any idea how to deal with this bug?

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honestly, i do not know if you can get out of this unscathed HOWEVER you should try logging out and back in, that way you might be permitted to go back to the overworld.

Thank you master Greg. I will try that

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Okay I exited and entered again but the game was still killing me over and over. What I noticed was every three times or so I would be standing in soul sand unable to move next to the portal. So, I brought cobble with me and after a few tries I was able to place stone around the bottom of the portal before the game killed me, so after enough times I got a floor under me in the game put me on the cobble and I was able to build a stable floor.
Now I can go back and forth without issue and I am not put directly in the lava

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Oh i thought you just wanted to save your stuff from being burned, not actually get the portal working inside the lava.

Though if you wanted to save your Stuff I guess installing a random gravestone Mod would’ve saved it.

And wearing Fire Protection Armor will help with Lava too, I know you cant have Fire Resistance Potions but a golden Apple could help with that too, i you found one in Dungeon Loot.

My stuff burned up. I didn’t go with much as it was the first time to the nether. I usually bring little else than cobble to build a box around the portal to keep Ghasts from knocking out the portal.