Trying to Archive old GT Versions on GitHub too now

I’m experimenting right now and taking Suggestions on how to do it more properly, apart from pasting Website Text into the ReadMe ofcourse.

Yes I labeled the Lightning Rod Addon as GregTech-0.

Now that I think of it, isn’t there a Discussion Page thing on GitHub? Why did I use an Issue? well, luckily it was the least significant Addon to have this mistake happen on. XD

Edit: Did the Logo work in Oneboxes?


This effort started because @Prospector has contacted me about this, and how it is better to have GitHub Releases for Launchers too instead of ONLY my own Website. ^^

There’s launchers that can do that? Well that’s good news for the people who think that the shoddy Curse launcher is the only one that can automatically install mods in any meaningful capacity.

Also, does the original source code for GT0 still exit? Not that I personally have much use for an IC2 addon on 1.2.5 but I’m nonetheless curious :]

Edit: Did the Logo work in Oneboxes?

The second one seems to embed but the first logo just shows (!)


Yeah plenty of Launchers that do that, and each has their own download system… At least Modrinth is allowing GitHub Releases to be downloaded, so your Mod is fine already. :wink:

I already posted all source code that i did have from those older versions on my site, so if it isn’t there, it simply does not exist anymore and is lost forever. The reason it was lost is that until mid-GT6 I did NOT use git at all, and i always overwrote my old code with the new code for the next minecraft version.

The first Onebox has the “GitHub Issue” Icon, since it is posted as an “Issue”, the second is the one of the actual project. :wink:

Edit: Anyways, time to get the other 5 GT versions up on GitHub.

Edit: Still need to do Releases there but at least most of the repetitive junk has been done.


Curse sucks, a pox on them and their lies and incompetence… >.>