Too much free stuff in dungeons

Too much free stuff in dungeons

I was wondering why theres so much things in them, i thought it was mods interfering with each other, i decided to run clean game with only gt6 in creative and found picrelated

.It’s only somewhere 8% of the loot i found there. Is it okay? If theres a way to fix it? Tried decreasing dungeon spawn chance, still see them too often, just went ignoring them or starting holy inquisition burning everything inside.


Yes they intentionally contain a bit more than normal Dungeons. They are more of a Showcase of Usage thing for GT6. Just avoid them if you feel cheaty, or disable them in the Config if you’re hosting a Server or cant stop yourself. :wink:


I think the real problem here is that dungeons don’t have enough loot :wink: eyes up ZPM


GT6 dungeons will provide you with so many things that you can have a good setup in your early game.
Especially when you are building your distillation tower.
Also, a ZPM is sooooooo wonderful. :rofl:
(If there are other mods, their loots may also use the loot generation space, so the probability of GT6 items may decrease)