Tips for abusing some of the mechanics (greg pls dont patch)

I will add things as i remember them because this post was on my mind a while ago
Feel free to add things yourself!

  1. Cauldron washing: i hated the processors of filling the cauldron, pressing q 3 times and refilling it.
    Its actually way easier! Just throw full stack in it, it will bounce but dont pay attention… Now all you have to do is continiously refill it with water and washing is almost automatic!

  2. A little cheaty. Oil/gas/lava/water source finding.
    Just build a tnt/glowstone xray machine! (a piston that pushes that Block into your head. Now you can easily find that fluids!


That Cauldron thing is an actual GT6 Feature, it even specifically locks the Stack onto the Cauldron, by eliminating X and Z momentum, so it doesn’t spill everywhere. You should automatically fill that cauldron with any Pipe that can contain 334 Liters of Water or more. Easiest to do with a Drain at a River or so.

As for the X-Ray Machine, a Wooden Fence and a Block of Redstone work way better for that. Place Wooden Fence against an opaque wall at eye height, walk up to that Fence, rightclick the Fence with a Redstone Block so it is placed at that opaque Wall and then go into the Redstone Block to look around.
The Game sometimes causes render updates and realizes your head is inside that Redstone Block, but it does not always do that.


Run a huge wooden pipe under the cauldron hooked up to a water source and it’ll fill automatically.


Or a normal treated wood pipe


Iridium crucible is actually easy to obtain!

  1. Find some amber and craft a pickaxe.
    Its used for its silk touch properties so if theres no you can find use an enderpearl one…
  2. Locate a sheldonite ore vein.
  3. Mine only full sheldonite blocks with your amber pickaxe. If i recall correctly only sheldonite gives an iridium as a sluice byproduct.
  4. Place 26 ores in a 3x3 blocks with strong dynamite in centre!
  5. PROFIT!

Is iridium really nessecery to progress?
You can make other material crucible to upgrade further, But when youll need a crystallisation chamber that can make sapphire youll need the iridium one.


you want to abuse a mechanic? try to install Et futurum all Copper ores will drop exactly 2x as much xD without fortune that is


“that’s a feature, not a bug” :stuck_out_tongue:


When you get plastic you can use plastic drums to store fluids/gasses in them. You can automatically fill/unfill empty/filled drums in a canning machine and then store the full ones in a item storage barrel. That way you can store HUGE amounts of stuff relatively cheaply. I used this to build a sort of a huge tank for storing gasses like oxygen, hydrogen, SO2 etc… without using tons of metals for it.


same goes for capsule-cell-containers that you can make with wax and stuff in the Extruder.

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