Tin alloy and minetweaker

1)How to make tin alloy? NEI says: ‘Put 1 wrought iron and 1 tin, temperature 1258K and get 2 tin alloy’. But it seems that wrought iron melts at 2011K. What the?
2)I want to Grgetechify some recipes using Minetweaker. It must be a recipe with a tool. How to do that? Should I write [Tool ID].transformDamage() or [Tool ID].transformDamage(400) to make the hammer take 400 durability when crafting(like other hammer-using recipes)?

  1. Well it works like that, one of the “ingots” does not have to be fully molten for alloying.

  2. Durability loss cannot be changed and is constant. The Hammer itself decides what it loses. also you want oredict “craftingToolHardHammer” or so.