Through Ichor Pick Gem to obtain bedrock to obtain adamantium?

Today, I live broadcast GT6 on bilibili. During the live broadcast, an audience mentioned that the Ichor Pick Gem of the Thaumic Tinkerer can obtain a large amount of adamantium without bedrock drill. The method is to dig out a large amount of bedrock with the cubic mode of Ichor Pick Gem, then grind the bedrock into bedrock dust in the shredder, and then get adamantine in the magnetic separator. He said he got a lot of adamantium through this method and used it to make drums, so he didn’t worry about having nowhere to put the fluid.
This seems to have caused some damage to the techtree. Do you need to fix it? (for example,disable grinding bedrock)
In addition, he also mentioned the bug of using TE4 Induction Smelter to copy iron. He said that his iron is obtained by this method. Really, it’s completely cheating… Fix it quickly.


Yeah once I set up my Dev Environment again on my new Computer I will fix the Induction Smelter Issue. As for Adamantium, it is not really that much of a Tech Tree Issue if you cant use it for anything useful other than some high quality Drums and such. Also RotaryCraft probably also allows for this Bedrock obtaining Method.


Okay I made Adamantine to Adamantium slightly more difficult by now requiring Lightning Processor Tier 4, and also made it so Bedrock Blocks are only worth 1 Bedrock Dust even though they are made from 9 Bedrock Dusts in that one Recipe.

The Iron Door thing I already fixed in the current Release.

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