Things to add to gregtech

Add some things to Gregtech.

  1. Fusion reactors like in GT5 unofficial (recipes and tiers), fed with EU or LU or QU and you need to upgrade all the blocks (e.g. control computer mk1 -> mk2 -> mk3), The same with casing, coils, and other blocks.
  2. As GT is a realistic mod, make 1.9. compat system (more realistic)
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Fusion is already planned and what the heck is a “1.9 Compat System” ?

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*combat (PVP)
1.9. pvp system - weapons and tools have coldowns.
And, some more powerful solar panels and IC2 reactor fuels wouldn’t be useless.

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Will never ever happen. Greg stated he will not upgrade to any further MC Versions.

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The Combat System itself can be downdated to 1.7.10 though, and I think that is what was meant.

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It all depends on whether a combat system is something that should be included in GregTech, and if that is the case what other things should be included.
Personally Gregtech to me has always been about realistic tech progession but I did jokingly state once that I look forward to the day when GregTech became a be all end all mod.

At the end of the day it all depends on what Greg wants it to be. Things like combat systems, well you could always have another mod do that.