The future of GT and minecraft

Hello Readers,

I have not been playing actively in quite a while but my love towards Gregtech has never faded. Noticing that Hytale brings a non-java based game, that is very similar to minecraft, to the market where modding is supposed to be as integral, I really want to know if things might change.
I partially familiar with the hazzle of modding minecraft and i think most developers dream of a properly working basis for a long time.
I also know that Hytale is stil in its baby shoes but i wonder if it might hold a better and stable future for every modding minecraft fan.
If someone has deeper knowledge I’d love to hear anything.




I dont know much about Hytale, but I am pretty sure the Game wont run on Linux. Sure its Servers would be able to run on Linux, but Clients wont. At least according to what I looked up a few weeks ago.

From what I saw, Hytale seems to be the Triple-A Game approach of Minecraft, and that might not end well at all.

But we will eventually see what becomes of it.


Triple AAA minecraft…

Coal block: €1.98
Coal block stack: €10.98
Coal Chest: €99.98

MineLoot® Chest: €5.98 (pack of three)

I bet the tripleAAA boys would have a field day with this type of model.


From what i have heard ita not Ubisoft publishing the game though. :smile:

The game itself was a community driven project to have better control over cheaters as well as keeping as much features as possible so I have hopes. Not big hopes, but some…

Stil a bit skeptical about the detailed modability which is what i am going to keep my eyes open for.