Thank you Greg <3

I just want to thank GregoriusT for spending his time making his amazing mod, GregTech.
This is that type of mod that you like more the more you play it, gets you hooked. The amount of cool content and the vast compatibility with other mc mods is just insane. A lot of people can’t take the “grind” or the “difficulty” of this mod but they are simply missing out.

So yeah, i just thought i had to give Greg some love he deserves. :smiley:


This. This. This. Infinitely this.

Gregorius’ work is nothing short of brilliant. GT1 was a fun add-on, and now GT6 is its own entire game in many ways. They’re an absolute genius as far as I’m aware. Thank you so much for the hours and hours of fun <3


Not to dismiss communal goodwill, but please remember Greg has methods for accepting donations. Please consider donating if you like his work.

(I already have my cape and wall plaque.)


I removed those ways almost 2 years ago, Money is not really of value to me. :wink:


While that is generous of you, you still should be compensated for your hard work.

It’s a common problem on the 'net, and with open source projects and freemium sites. Everyone wants something for free.

It takes huge sums of time and effort to code anything, and you gotta eat. ;]


I practically get Universal Basic Income due to my inability to perform the thing that is the traditional perception of “what a job is”.

And I do not spend Money all that often unless I have to, so I am financially fine. I also dont need to paranoidly worry about if I lose my only source of Income anymore, like I did in the past (Germany changed a law right before the pandemic started).

Most importantly, I do this for Fun and nothing else. I like sharing Fun. :wink:

That said I should probably start working on my Game, buuuut GT6 is much easier to work with. Curse you, instant gratification. XD