TFR Anime Girl with Classical GregTech Gears and Elements

(Warning: this doesn’t and won’t suit everyone’s concept of the aesthetic)

I guess this can be counted as a derivative work of GregTech?

Comments are welcomed!

Designed by Yulujuzi and some suggestions from me, also some from others.


Oh nice, well drawn. ^^

There is a bit of Galacticraft/GalaxySpace UI floating around isn’t there?


The planets are moons surrounding a gas giant (she is the personification) according to TFR setting. In the modpack I use Advanced Rocketry because it has so much more customizable space compared to GC/GS. You can configure the sizes, masses, orbital radius, atmosphere color, fog color, etc. for a planet.

Just that I don’t know how to use GT ore generation for a customized planet. So I used Custom Ore Gen mod XD


Ah, so like Earthchan as a concept. ^^

Though calling someone a Gas Giant may sound like an insult. XD


What’s so cool about personification is that it brings something so far away to something so familiar XD

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She feels more like personification of a Modpack to me, than a specific Planet though. :wink:

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Sure, because I wanna incorporate GT elements inside

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