Texture Copyrights

Hello, I have a VANILLA SPIGOT server and my server has TEXTURE PACK so when you join my server you got a texturepack, there is NO MODS just VANILLA but i want to use GREGTECH textures like INGOTS, or similar things. is this LEGAL?

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Ingot Textures? Yeah those are legal.

And maybe try to translate better to English, because your question was way too specific.

Thank you, sorry for my bad english. I will use Gregtech textures to make vanilla items. There will be no any codes or mod things just Gregtech mod’s texture pictures. So completely vanilla server there is absolutely NO MODS. If you see any problem with that or still hard to understand reply and ask me again I will check here again.

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Most of my Textures are Creative Commons 0 License so they can easily be used. Just don’t take any Textures that are actual Logos (those are easy to notice). :wink:

Here is a List of Logos, its just those that you are not allowed to use without permission.

Everything else is free to use. ^^

Oohh my god thank you so much <3

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Well, how can i find all textures? i just found from FTB Wiki, i couldn’t find in mod.jar file

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they are in the jar file, in the “assets/gregtech/textures” folder as far as i can see.