Test Server and Chunk Claiming


It will be natively possible for you to claim Islands or similar specifically marked Areas for yourself (if the Server rules allow).
On said Island you can set a lot of Game Settings to the extend of what the Server allows, such as Survival, Adventure, Creative or Spectator to say in in Minecraft Terms. You claimed the Island, you make the Rules.
There will also be a way to sub-claim Chunks within an Island, if the Rules of the Island allow you to do so (which Islands usually do by default when it’s not allowed to claim the Island entirely).
If the Owner of the Island decides to set the Island to Anarchy, then anyone can sub-claim a certain amount of Chunks just to say “I own this”, or for griefing protection, depending on Rules.
Though be warned that setting your Island to Anarchy will not be reversible once someone else lives on it too. You would need a 100% majority vote of all people who sub-claimed the Anarchy Island in order to set it to something else.
Ofcourse other Modes and Rules for Team based Stuff and Admins will exist as well.
You can also set the Island Rules so that no other Player can enter the Island, except using Admin/Moderator Powers. Or you could only allow “Spectator”/“Camera” Characters in, and also set them to invisible if you want to.
A potential prompt before entering a claimed Area that you are not supposed to enter could read “You are not permitted to be present in this Area, would you like to: A: Request to be allowed into the Area. B: Enter using invisible Camera. C: Enter using visible Camera. D: Violate Privacy using Admin Powers.”
Those Options ofcourse depend on Settings, for Option A the owner can just disable requests in order to not be spammed in their ingame PO Box (or even Email, should they decide to allow that).
Options B and C are depending on what kind of Cameras are allowed in the Area or if Cameras are even allowed.
And Option D will result in every activity the Moderator does being logged, while they are inside, and very likely also give a Notification to the Owner that a Moderator entered (but not who it was).

Test Server

Ofcourse I need some way to Test Stuff for the Game, so I’m gonna need to host a Test Server for it. I will probably even make it public for everyone.
Since the Test Server will be using the “Islands” World Type, everyone will get a Compass alike Key Item that points towards the closest “non-generated” Island and another Compass for the closest “non-claimed” Island, the latter will glow if you are already on such an Island, but will also point to a different Island.
Because a lot of random people are expected to be on that Server, and lots of Worldgen is gonna happen, there will be some sort of Fast Travel Network from Island to Island.
Anyone will be able to join with multiple Characters per Account on this Server. So you can technically restart the Game without actually restarting the Game, by just joining with a new Character and then Fast Travelling to the furthest away Island.
This also includes use of “Spectator”/“Camera” Characters (there will be a default Camera Shaped Character for that kind of Utility, that can just be spawned in quickly), though the Permissions System would need to allow it on the Island you use it at.
Same goes for “Creative” Islands, and yes I’m gonna make it impossible to carry Items from a cheaty Type to a non-cheaty Type.

Some more Stuff I decided to write. ^^


Minigames are a thing that people tend to make in some way, but cheating in those is ofcourse a Problem, so there will be a way to have a “remote controlled” Player in such Areas, so not only would that unify the Physical Abilities (to whatever body you give a Player to control), it would also make sure their Inventory is empty, and there is no “doping”.

Added this line, since its useful to have those abilities.