Terra Firma Rescue - A Modpack Centered on GT6U and TFC

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A Forge Modpack for Minecraft 1.7.10 centered around TerraFirmaCraft, GregTech-6-Unofficial, and Advanced Rocketry. This Modpack is strongly technology-inclined and science oriented. You start an epic story of rescuing yourself on a miraculous life-sustainable moon - Terrafirma - of a gas giant 68.4 light years from Earth, starting with nothing, gathering natural resources, expanding a base, developing technology, exploring the expanse of the planetary system, and eventually building a warp engine to return to Earth, the Sweet Cozy Home of Mankind.

All Coniguration Settings, Minetweaker Scripts, and Original Textures and Sounds in TerraFirma: Rescue are Licensed Under CC-BY-NC-ND-4.0.
All Mods that are used in TerraFirma: Rescue abide to their Original Licenses and Copyrights.
Licenses of Original Mods and Modified Unofficial Open Source Mods in TerraFirma: Rescue can be found in This Organization

How to Start a Server:

Put what you have in the client minecraft root directory (depending on where you install it, if it is Twitch it is USER/Twitch/Minecraft/Instances/TerraFirmaRescue/) into the server root directory. Then remove Better Loading Screen, Custom Main Menu, Mouse Tweaks, and Resource Loader from the mods folder, you should be able to start it. The ONLY NO-BUG Bukkit Server is Thermos BUILD-53!
Download Thermos: Release Thermos Build 53 (BETA) · CyberdyneCC/Thermos · GitHub

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The Localization Port of Quests and Scripts for Terra Firma Rescue. All contributers will be on the SupporterList.

Background Story

After hibernating 342 years, we reached the target planet, Terrafirma. However, what woke me up was not the call of my teammates. It was a harsh alarm. Covered with hibernation fluid, I looked at my side in shock: a glass piece was inserted in the chest of my teammate who was murmuring in a mosquito-like voice: “Move quickly - this ship is falling into the gas giant. I have the key to the escape shuttle and the Gregtech Intergalactical Co.,Ltd. Technology Guide. Take it and get yourself to Terrafirma! I hope you can live well…”. Then, he closed his eyes forever. Laid his body flat on the floor and taken his key and guide, I entered the escape shuttle and arrived at this unknown world of mystery. This is my story.

Exerpted from The Memoir of Alexander Steve II

What is Terra Firma Rescue?

Have you imagined the coexistence of GregTech and Terra Firma Craft? This is not a dream anymore.

In case! GregTech 6 cannot overturn your worldview!

In case! Terra Firma Craft cannot satisfy your technological development!

Then! TFR is best for you!

That’s right! This modpack includes GregTech-6U, TerraFirmaCraft, AdvancedRocketry, Railcraft, DraconicEvolution, Applied Energistics, OpenBlocks, Forestry and other 53+ Mods, as well as 600+ quests awaiting for you to complete!

Of course! This modpack also includes Original Mods and Tweaked Mods made for this modpack!

Let this modpack take you once again to the limit of the 1.7.10 Mod Complexity, intoxicated by it for at least half a year!

What does this pack have to offer?

Game Process

Level - Arrival: Stone Age-Ceramic Age is based on TFC-TFR

Level 0 Bronze Age is based on TFC-TFR and GT6U

Level 1 Iron and Steel Age is based on TFC-TFR and its addons and GT6U, transiting from your first iron ingot to creating a black steel burning box for steam machine.

Level 2 Steam Age empowers you to start building steam machines to greatly boost your productivity to do things in less time and also less cost.

Level 3 Redstone Age includes an array of Redstone Flux based machines from Railcraft, Advanced Rocketry, and Forestry that serves as a transit from Steam to Electricity

Level 4 Electricity Age includes building an electrical powered factory and unlocking a variety of power types based on GT6U. You also unlock Applied Energistics 2 and Gendustry

Level 5 Semiconductor Industry includes creating a modern semiconductor industry based on our customized GT6U and MoegAddon

Level 6 The Age of Physics includes GT, Advanced Rocketry (Post-Space Age), Draconic Evolution, and Avaritia

Level 7 Target Earth has endgame objectives of creating fusion reactors, particle colliders, draconic reactors, and Infinity Ingot to return to Earth through warp engine.


Abandon your prejudice on technology - it’s not just the electronics around us. Terrafirma: Rescue includes MTUtils and TFCTweaker to balance the recipes of most Mods on the main tech-tree of TerraFirmaCraft and GregTech. You have to start as a primitive man from the Paleolithic age, make stoneware, fire ceramics, and smelt bronze. When you get metal tools, the next step is to smelt those different iron ores. Steam age brings the liberation of hands; Redstone age carries the dawn of electric age; Electric age allows automation; Semiconductor Age forwards the modern technology - electronics (no kidding, you can make a PC here); In Space Exploration Age you travel in sea of stars; In Age of Physics, you do what God should do!


Your game is not limited to the TerraFirma, but also a the satellites orbiting the blue gas giant planet above the dome. One of them have a blue atmosphere and endless methane ice sheets, and another has a barren and rocky crust. Build a space station, conquer these planets, and collect inexhaustible methane and helium-3 to fill up your energy storage! Later in the game, you can also travel to other galaxies in a short period of time to build your other colonies. The ultimate goal is to return to Earth!


Nature is in nearly every aspect of Terrafirma: Rescue; it affects you all the time. You need to pay attention to the effects of ambient temperature, rainfall, and sunshine time on your crops and blast furnaces; you need to pay attention to seasonal shifts and the cycle of day and night. You also discover that the world seems to be growing with mysterious flowers that attract you to research. The energy produced by these flowers, which you call “Mana” — the energy that can still be explained by the technology you have — seems to be able to carry out an organic exchange with heat. The chemical properties and even spectroscopic studies of these flowers remind you of the large amount of radiation produced by the gas giant overhead.


Abandoning the computer burden brought by numerous smaller mods’ combination, Terrafirma: Rescue uses TerraFirmaCraft and its various expansions to present a highly integrated realistic survival experience. In the first days, you face a completely strange world: at here, trees can not be empty-hand harvested, stoneware needs to be knapped, and the darkness of night is truly frightening - why not build a bonfire with sticks and logs? Raising the health levels of monsters and yourself to the order of 1000, Terrafirma: Rescue refines the combat experience. Not only you need to eat, but you also need to drink water, otherwise you will be exhausted. Facing the problem of nutritional imbalance, your HP will gradually decline, so your farms and ranches must support your industrial development. Isn’t it similar to the development in the Real world?


Terrafirma: Rescue contains more than 700 quests and over 60,000 words of quest description. You don’t have to frequently look for tutorials. These quests will guide you easily through this mazing technology tree based on TFC and GT and other mods by providing you the step-by-step development process. With it, you don’t have to frequently check NEI, because you only need to click on the items in the quest requirement to display the recipes generated in NEI. The customized Reward Bag System and the Intergalatica Credit Point System provide you with an interesting and exciting experience, allowing you to trade items with various NPCs in the game so that redundant products in your factory are no longer discarded.

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Most of them are from TFC Forums: https://terrafirmacraft.com/f/

Custom Mods



It’s awesome that people still put a lot of Effort into big Modpacks like this. :smiley:

Are there links to those non-curse third party Mods you mentioned, somewhere? ^^


Mostly on the TFC Forums https://terrafirmacraft.com/f/

And thank you!


Looks really nice! Don’t suppose there is an AT Launcher link or just a direct download of the entirety of it for it for those of us that don’t touch curse due to them lying about their promised support? ^.^

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