Suggestions: Future plans

Suggestions: Future plans
  1. Higher battery tech trees.Only produce EV-grade batteries at present, which makes it difficult to derive power from lightning rods.
    2.Higher tech tree machines, in fact, for you only need to consider the material produced, just copy and paste, XD
    3.Electric Version of Coke Oven and Multi-block Fermentation
    Believe that the content of 1-3 should be in Greg’s plan, I think so? XD
  2. Adding range mining patterns for electric drills or stope machines like GT5.
    In the middle and later stages of the game, it takes a lot of tungsten, titanium, and some other materials to make multiple machines. For this reason, I need to dig related veins, often need to dig more than one vein or even more! Obviously, it’s a bit slow, and the bedrock drill is the top of the current technology tree, which is obviously not suitable as a mining machine when a lot of minerals are needed. It seems to me that it is important to dig ore faster.

2.Use buildcraft quarry for that. But a GT miner will not be useless.


And for those that don’t want to install buildcraft? =P