Suggestions for new multi-block,power generation and also others

Suggestions for new multi-block,power generation and also others

1 Multi-Block dryer.In GT6, the demand for distilled water is huge.
2 Multi-Block roaster if you want to add.
I noticed that what I said yesterday and what I supplemented today are machines that use HU, which makes them very similar XD.
3 In addition, more efficient generators or power generation methods should be added to GT6 as soon as possible! Steam power generation can not meet the needs of a large number of automation! Despite need the recent addition of multi block, I think @Gregorius has plans for a higher tier stuff for GT6 after these completions.
4 In the metaphase of GT6, is there any way to release my hands and let the machine dig? So I was thinking that if there was a miner like GT5, it would be good for XD.(Or some more efficient mining tools.
5 Last but not least.When I placed the funnel under the rubber collector, I could not extract the items in the rubber collector. What methods should I use to automate the rubber collection?

  1. Maybe for that one.
  2. Unsure if needed.
  3. Very Vague.
  4. Isn’t there the Bedrock Drill for that?
  5. Currently no way to automate that one.

By the way, how does the pyrolysis oven added in the future work? Will it be heated with kantal coils like GT5U? It seems to be an “electric version of the coke oven”, but the products produced are somewhat different (at least it produces coal tar instead of creosote from charring the coal).
Also, I am looking forward to the large crusher and the large shredder, because waiting for a large number of ore crushing to complete is a long and painful process…