Suggestions about redstone system

Suggestions about redstone system

Yeah,the GT4 has added the Redstone receiver.It works as a cover plate that have the function of wireless redstone.As we all know,one cube has six faces.So it will do much better than other mods like WR-CBE or Wireless Redstone.
But there is one thing,the Chickenbone Wireless Redstone(WR-CBE) has a small kit that can remote the redstone element.
Also the GT4 added the Redstone Displayer and Redstone Scale.It is so useful in measure redstone strength.It will be more convenient than redstone lamp and Project Red.On the other hand,some people think that viewing NBT through mods like Omni Ocular is a kind of cheating.
I saw the GT6 added the button cover plate.It is similar to a expansion of Project Red,Project Blue.It divides the sixteen areas on the button board into different colors.Then use integrated cable and dyed cable to correspond to different outputs or inputs,just like this:
SecretBaseControls75 SurfaceMount
FlushMount Colours
Every parts on the plate will have a color like the picture above.
The lights can show the redstone signal,the buttons or levers can send signals.As long as they correspond to the color of the output cable.
Here is the link.ControlPanel
Also,Project Blue