Suggestion: Solid Fuel Recipes list in NEI

So, the tooltip for solid fuel burning boxes (e.g. Dense Burning Box (Solid, Invar)) includes a line that says Recipes: Furnace Fuels (1 Smelt = 5000 Units). If memory serves, you used to be able to look up these recipes in NEI by looking up the usage for any item with a burn time (e.g. Coal, Coke, Peat, etc), or looking up the recipe for something like ashes or dark ashes, then clicking through the arrows at the top of the window until you arrive at the appropriate screen.

This screen listed what type of burnable item (and how many of them) you’d have to burn, what type of ash item (and how many of them, if any) that burning them would produce, how many GU burning that fuel would produce, and how long it would burn at the listed power tier, similar to what the Fluidized Bed Fuels recipes screen displays now.

I can’t seem to find this screen in NEI after upgrading to the latest version of GregTech, but I can find Fluidized Bed Fuels and Burnable Fuels (for the liquid burning boxes). I thought at first Fluidized Bed Fuels might have replaced it, but looking at the changelog entry for GT 6.10.01 (when Fluidized Bed Burning Boxes were added), it mentions:

…Takes only specific Fuels like Charcoal/Coal/Coke/Peat and similar…
…this effort will result in triple the Fuel Value and half the Ashes…

So, that theory seems unlikely.

Was the Furnace Fuels NEI screen removed from GregTech, or is it supposed to be showing up but isn’t? Or am I just crazy and it never existed in the first place?


Wait that Recipe List you are talking about, does it even show up in your old Version? Because I am pretty sure I always relied on NEI showing how many Furnace Smelts are doable with Fuel and then just multiplied that by 5000.


If that’s the case, then I might just be remembering something that never existed. It has been a few years since I last played at this point. :sweat_smile: If that turns out to be the case, then sorry in advance for troubling you with it.

I still have a backup of my Minecraft directory from before I upgraded. I’ll reinstall it in a little bit and see if I can find the screen I’m trying to remember.


Okay, I went back to the version I was using before upgrading (6.08.01) and checked and you’re right, that screen never existed. Not sure why I thought it did.

That being said, I think it would be a good idea to have something like it, so I think I’ll turn this into a suggestion thread.

Here’s why I think something like this would be useful:

  • Consistency with the other burning boxes which have screens like this (fluidized bed burning boxes and liquid / gas burning boxes).
  • As a way of documenting (through NEI) the burning box method of producing ashes and dark ashes, as well the type and number of ash items produced by burning something in a burning box
  • This would help to highlight the differences in GU value and ash production between solid fuel burning boxes and fluidized bed burning boxes (e.g. by looking up usages for peat, a fuel which works in either box, flipping through the NEI recipe lists would make it immediately obvious that peat works better in a fluidized burning box).
  • Having NEI calculate Burning Box GU values for you would be faster and less error-prone (yes, as you mentioned before it’s just a simple multiplication by 5000, but it’s still slow and there’s always the chance that you miscalculate it, e.g. by pressing the wrong button on your calculator or something similar). It also enables you to quickly browse the full list of burning box fuels and compare their values with one another which might help you decide on an ideal fuel type to use in your burning boxes quicker.

You mean this screen? No, you’re right. It does exist.
I can see it just fine with gregtech .09
try searching for "U"ses on a block of charcoal dust (regular blocks of charcoal won’t do the trick)


No, that’s the recipe list for fluidized bed burning boxes (although, I think that recipe list may have been why I thought the one I had in mind existed at some point). Fluidized bed burning boxes are different from normal solid fuel burning boxes because they require molten calcite and they’ll only burn certain kinds of fuel, but produce 3x the GU and half the ashes that they would in a solid fuel burning box. There’s no screen like this for regular solid fuel burning boxes.


My bad! I read solid burner and thought you were referring to the fludized.