Suggestion: Distilled water--> demineralized water

First of all thank you Greg for this mod, for me it is one of the best minecraft mods. Thank you for keeping it alive.
Modern industry and power plants use demineralized water for various processes. In real life ,because water is complex mixture of various substances be it organic or inorganic, water treatment processes is quite complex. But in gregtech world process can be simplified. There could be 2 solutions. First is using combination of deep-bed sedimentation and ion exchanger ( this processes only use gravitational force). Materials for deep-bed sedimentation could be gravel, sand and carbon powder. For ion-exchange, zeolite with clay can be a good solution (but this process should eat up a lot of zeolite). It could be one passive machine made from invar or stainless steel. Second solution is using membrane filtration (reverse osmosis or nano filtration). In greg tech ceramic membrane could be a solution. It is produced by extrusion of aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, titanium oxide, or zirconium oxide (different materials different speed and life). First process would be passive but slow. On the other hand membranes would be faster, but would consume RU.
I am food processing student, so in that part I can help in future.


Yeah by now I don’t do major changes to GT6 anymore, only maintenance stuffs. And why is there a difference between distilled water and demineralized water? Aren’t both of them just pure H2O?

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Well,mostly yes. Because demineralized water has “most” of its impurities removed, so it does not have 100% H2O like distilled water. Enough pure so that it does not cause calcification.