[Suggestion] Byproducts of chemical processing of hematite and limonite

I have completed the hydrochloric acid treatment line for iron oxide. It converts hematite and limonite into iron, and oxygen (which is almost like garbage).
But to get iron, it is more attractive and much simpler to process sulfides than to process hematite.
Even to get titanium, there are more attractive alternatives such as bauxite.

It may be a bit impractical, but why not have a byproduct of the hydrochloric acid treatment stage at Bath, like slag in real-life iron smelting?
These slags contain SiO2, MnO, Al2O3, and so on. And in some cases, TiO2 may also remain in them.

Of course I could simply use MineTweaker.
But as a game, I think it is more fun to have rewards for taking on more difficult challenges.

(I used a translation software, so sorry if it’s not clear.)


Byproducts are not an option at that point sadly. Once the Hematite is in Dust Form or Liquid Form, there cant be any diversions from its Chemical Formula, or else Exploits happen.

Getting Iron from Pyrite might be too easy though, I can probably fix that one.

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I decided to nerf a lot of Sources of Pure Iron, making it so you have to use Black Sand or Hematite to get Iron, instead of being able to skip that Step with Centrifuging Sluice Products or Lava.


I was wondering if it was possible to set up Dust’s recipe in Bath to get tiny refined ore, like when processing bauxite with Autoclave. Since I am not familiar with coding, I’d thought it would be easy.

And the idea of iron recipes sound like fun.
So my suggestion again is to change the recipe for getting iron in the Roasting Oven to a recipe for getting hematite.
In that case, the amount of hematite produced should be 2.5 times the amount of iron in the original recipe.(If there is no nerf. :D)
In addition, the amount of oxygen required in the recipe must be increased accordingly.
(I’ve always wondered why Roasting oven only oxidize the sulfur and not the iron.)


Already done that, you’re late XD

And once something is a Dust it CANNOT become refined ore or any other type of “ore” It is a pure One-Way thing.