Stucking fluids in pipes

Stucking fluids in pipes

i tried make different fluid system with filtering, but sometimes the filter is not enough… what bout valve covers or type of pipes where fluids (and items?) can move only indicated direction?


Drums are one way gates are they not? In fact, all tanks are.

As for items, monkey wrench the item pipe.


1)sometimes very massive, but interesting
2)didn’t know, thanks, time to learn english (how to extract .lang for localisation?)


The Shutter Cover can do a One-Way just fine and is made for this purpose.


I actually checked the shutter cover in game and it reads “Connects and disconnects pipes”

If it said it was also directional i would have suggested it. I didn’t know it was directional.
But now that you mentioned it, i remember a YT video on GT pipes and using the shutter covers to prevent fluids sloshing about.

Also, GT6 changelog:

Shutter Cover.
It prevents Items and Fluids from going through, and is also able to connect and disconnect Pipes, Cables and Wires aswell.
Controlled by the Cover-Controller-Cover, and also has an inverted Mode. (With a bit of trickery on the inverted Mode, you could replace Wirecutting and Wrenching Stuff with Screwdriving it instead)

It doesn’t actually say anything about one way there either.


Wait Shutters were like that in GT5, I might have confused something, but there definitely is one-way Stuffs, like Fluid Extenders can do it.

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Drums are cheaper than extenders. :wink:
But i realize that drums only output downwards (right?) so i tried a wrench on one to rotate it on its side.
That did what the monkey wrench does. Then i read about the soft hammer toggling states… Tried a soft hammer and nothing happens?

EDIT: Change log to the rescue, i suppose i need to put something fermentable in the drum for the soft hammer to do something.


no, shutter can’t