Strange popping sound

As I go around breaking blocks with my mining drill, after the block break sound, there is a funny pop sound as if to signify the transfer of the mined block to my backpack. I am pretty sure this is new.

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This is because some people never noticed shit gets into their Inventory when they mine with magnetized Tools such as a Knife on Grass.

Oh now I know what you mean, I messed up the pitch and the loudness of the Sound Effect.

:gregory: This Version should probably be working for you. ^^

(note 1: The scary sounding Description is only there to make sure people don’t use that Version lightly.)

(note 2: if you use this Version more often, make sure your Browser didn’t cache the Download)

Sound is a bit less annoying now. Also when breaking dirt or gravel, for some reason, most of the time I can’t hear the sound at all. Works fine with any kind of stone though.

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