Strange flashing after installing aether

Today, I added aether mod. It’s OK to enter the game and open the archive. But the strange thing is that the screen keeps flashing and this strange texture appears. It seems that there is some strange conflict. But there is no problem with its function. It is just that there is something wrong with the display. It is useless to adjust the video settings…

mod list:


Hrrm, I cant really help you with that one. Aether works fine for me, so maybe its a Graphics Driver Issue?

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What are all those flat textures about? they look like texture maps that haven’t been placed on anything. I don’t use Aether so I’m not sure what it’s supposed to look like normally.


These should be icons in voxelmap. Similar things have been encountered before. Some strange icons will appear on the magic map of Twilight forest. It is unclear what happened…


Try removing Voxelmap and using journeymap instead?


Looks like voxelmap is a litemod extension. I read online that litemods are designed not to affect forge mods. Not sure if that’s true or not but it might not change anything.
What I suggest is test with Journeymap rather than voxelmap, if that doesn’t fix it you are going to have to try removing everything other than Aether and adding them all back in one by one. I would suggest trying Aether and Gregtech first so as to confirm that’s not the issue.

Also your Gregtech is severely out of date, you should be on 6.14 by now, of the other mods you have I use fast craft, inventory tweaks and twilight forest, they are all up to date on your end.