Stone dust in pipes weirdness

I set up a pair of centrifuges to deal with sluice juice and have them feeding into a hopper between them to combine and buffer stacks, then feed it into an aluminimum brass pipe with a pair of filters on the other two sides. One is set to NOT stone dust and faces a chest. The other was facing an open block of air so it should have dumped the stone dust on the ground. It refused to do so however, until I removed the concrete floor so that the dust could come out and fall one full block down instead of sitting on the ground directly in front of the pipe.

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Ok, that was only a temporary solution. After another minute or so it got stuck again and the pipe and hopper backed up and the centrifuges shut down.

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Wait are open Item Pipes actually dumping onto the Floor normally? And is the place you dump the Item to NOT filled with a Railcraft Fake Air Block that is spawned around Players?

If you want to “delete” Items, pointing a Pipe into a vanilla Lava Block is a good way.

Yes, they normally do dump into air, but for some reason, in this setup with lots of tiny stone dust, it sometimes just stops for no apparent reason and I have to break the pipe and manually remove the dust from the centrifuges to get it going again. What is this railcraft fake air block you speak of? I suppose I could set up a lava block to get rid of the stone dust… or I might just go to the nether and farm some blazes and make an ender trash bin finally.

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It is an invisible TileEntity that Players poop out wherever they walk, so the Track Goggles or whatever can see where people walk around. Obviously this causes random Issues for people.

And putting a Lava Block adjacent to anything GT6 that emits Items, will automatically Ender-Garbage the Item in question. Just to prevent people from trying to avoid it. XD

Yes, but so does dropping it on the ground and letting it despawn, so why is that randomly not working here? Is there some sort of check to make sure there are not already too many itementities in the block before the pipe will output any more? And why does it not start to output again once they despawn?

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I said, make sure there is no Railcraft Air Block in front of the Pipe Output, those do not count as Air.

How would I make sure of that other than by simply not walking through the space?

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I think Trackman Goggles have a thing for that.

Wait, looking at the Code I think I know what happened. So the Pipes were as I expected not supposed to ever dump Items on the Floor at all.

Now Railcrafts Air Block comes into play, because that one has a TileEntity, which in turn makes the target check pass. This means the Pipe will use the Item Movement Utility to move Items into that location. But that Utility actually knows that it’s an Air Block and dumps it anyways.

Interesting… I found a setting in railcraft.cfg to disable the tracking aura. Might want to poke Bear to set that.

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Okay, in the upcoming Version the Railcraft Air Blocks should be ignored now. Item Pipes are not supposed to ever eject Items at all, that would lead to an unmaintainable leaking Spaghetti Mess.