Steam engine bug?

Steam engine bug?

If you operate the sifter(bronze) with a steam engine(steel), the engine overheats and stops. Is it a bug? Sifter(bronze) is rated 32 KU isn’t?

Strong steam boiler tank(Invar) + dense burning box(Invar) = 128steam/t
128steam/t in Steam engine(steel) = 32Ku/t

Sifter(Bronze) Energy IN:32Ku/t (16Ku/t to 64Ku/t)

Steam engin …stop… :_(


If the Engine Overheats you insert too much Steam into that Engine, the Conversion HU to Steam is always 1 HU to 2 Steam, but I am pretty sure that the Steel Boiler could be the Issue there, does it produce Steam in the Yellow Area of the Barometer of the Boiler instead of in the Middle? That means it outputs more Steam than it should.

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Use dense/strong invar steam engine.


This topic interests me. Steam is a tricky thing in my opinion.

I’m currently using strong steel boilers and burning boxes as they work well together. From memory the burning box produces something like 384HU/t and the boiler receives 384HU/t which produces 192 Steam/t at a constant safe rate. the boiler self regulates by choking on ash so I don’t need to keep as much of an eye on it.

From there I use the right sized piping and valves to regulate the steam going into a machine. What piping are you using Laurynasi?


I use cheap metal pipes, like bronze, invar, steel. Depends on what is reasources are more available at current world. I use quite many stainless steel tanks and mass storages - nothing flammable in a factory. Distilled water tank (from stainless steel) is like a “base”, to which I attach machines through distilled water and return pipe. Steam pipes are usually 0, 1 or 2 pipes long, often with pressure valve. What else to say… when I don’t know what to do, I make more stainless steel :stuck_out_tongue:


what size of piping do you use? in my experience I’m having to use tiny copper pipes for direct input to things like brass turbines or i risk too much steam flow. bronze pipes tend to give just a little too much steam in my books but it depends what you’re pumping into.

my factory is quite inefficient in its distilled water production as I just have a roaster processing water on a liquid burning box burning the excess creosote my coke ovens make.


When it’s 1 or more boilers for 1 engine/turbine, pipe cannot be too big. Usually it’s 1 boiler -> 1 engine/turbine, and pipe has to have bigger steam/t than boiler outputs. Normal bronze pipes are good for medium boilers (dense bronze; 192 steam/t; good for maxing out bronze sluice, centrifuge, etc.). Big boilers (like strong/dense titanium-chromium pair, needed by MV electrolyzer) need muuuch bigger steam pipe. Something huge.

Distilled water production efficiency… It has generally the same energy price to produce, except distilling biomass (also get ethanol) and oxygen+hudrogen at burner mixer.
My first distilled water I usually get from drying grass, later mostly from drying sluice juice.


I just got it!
It was specification that engine and turbine did not move at maximum or minimum.
I thank everyone who gave me the answer.