Sparrow's Dumbass Lookin' Base

Now that I have a handle on restoring my storeroom, I think it’s time to share what my base looks like these days.

Welcome, to Chaos.

My original hovel, now acting as a miscellaneous storage and crafting station.

Right outside the house, we have the grove with the portal.

My little mula Jorge, complete with lightning guard because apparently the minecraft gods smote my last one.

The Factory of Chaos, in all its glory. Grows like a cancer.

My general crucible, with a sneak peek of rubber production.

Crucible alley.

The rubber production and the extruder.

Steel production and the new press, prepping for a bunch of circuit boards.

Distilled water tank and Sluice Juice processing.

Boiler room, pre-exploded.

Ore Processing with a peek at the storeroom.

The Distillation Tower right behind the left of the ore processing.

Tanks for the Distillation Tower.

The Coke Ovens, ready to process Oil Shale (Although I found an oil spring FINALLY, but it’s far away).

My wheat farm project that I’ve been working on, it’s on the back burner right now.

More-or-less the inside of it.

Concrete production, gypsum processing, and a wire mill right in front.

Wood processing, I thought it was silly to get this, but I actually don’t regret it.

The glorious storeroom, floor 2 out of 3. Now featuring non-flammable boxes.

Acid processing area.

Acid processing with a little setup for pre-smelter molten metal collection.

My little, cute entry-level electrolyzer, found behind the acid processing area.

The catalytic cracker, gas storage, lava storage (You can tell by the mini nether portal) and plastic production area. Going to fill this area with more machines as needed.

Underneath, distilled water production and the Crystallization Crucible.

Hope you enjoyed, I see myself having a future in Architecture.


Bonus picture of my wire mill and me starting to suspect I made an error in my math on how much copper wire I need.


The Factory of Chaos, in all its glory. Grows like a cancer.

Hm, what game does this remind me of?
(Spoiler alert: Factorio. It’s Factorio.)

Quite a base!


Thank you very much!

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Looks great! Needs zombies.


Perhaps you mean Nether Portal?


Maybe… maybe I did…