Something about cracking

I found that you added hydrocracking recipe to ethanol, which is very confusing, because as far as I know, ethanol will not react with hydrogen. Maybe you confused ethanol with ethanol petrol fuel?
In addition, in fact, hydrocracking tends to produce saturated products rather than unsaturated products such as ethylene and propylene. Petrol and fuel are mostly saturated alkanes, so in fact they will produce products such as methane, propane and butane rather than olefins (of course, this may also be due to the difficulty of the game). This can be seen in the cracking tower of gt6u (strangely, they still haven’t changed the cracking recipes in the small cracker).
In addition, I hope that paraffin and asphalt can be cracked after melting, so that they can be used for more purposes (asphalt can be used for paving, while paraffin can not be used for candles). They should produce some lighter “recycled oil” and alkanes (they have not been cracked in gt6u)
PS: one of the main reasons why I don’t want to play gt6u is that it increases the distillation tower to 12 floors in order to add more products, and the ceiling height of my base is just the height of the original distillation tower, plus the troublesome oil purifier desulfurization (in gt6, sulfur becomes petroleum coke). So I didn’t play gt6u. I hope you don’t do this…