Some useful things

These things must be not hard to code.
1)For every Multiblock part add in tooltip where it is used like that:
Titanium wall
Used in: Large sluice
Titanium tank
I’m afraid tooltipping with minetweaker can break the ‘Contains 36 units of tungstensteel’ part of the tooltip.
2)Blocks for Testing: Infinite barrel like the TE creative tank and infinite mass storage like TE Creative strongbox. I don’t want to install TE and remove other things.


Hrrm, might be a bit difficult to automate the Tooltip thing for Multiblock Parts.

As for Infinite Testing, have you tried inserting an NEI 111 Stack into a GT6 Mass Storage? That will fill it up 100%.

I tend to duplicate Fluid Containers using NEI and just use a canning Machine to empty them, but now that you say it, I should probably let the Fluid Display Item be used as a “fill up Tank 100%” thing using the Tiny Funnel or Cap Nozzle.


Wait, the bronze wall still seems to be useless up to now……


Can we use walls as actual blocks? like the standard riveted design but on a block.


Well you can, and Plate Covers can have the Riveted Design too. They wont interfere with Multiblocks and they dont tick at all despite being TileEntities. Essentially as if you used GT6 Ore Blocks or Storage Blocks as decoration, or the Machine Casings.

Edit: Also that Fluid Display Item thing, I decided to not even require the Funnel or Nozzle for it to work, you can just rightclick a Tank with it and it fills it 100%, well or at least to 2^31 Millibuckets.