Some suggestions on high-end materials and world-generated

1 Graphene This is a very stable material. The high-voltage cable made of it can save half the amount of carbon black, and the resistivity decreases dramatically. In GT6, it can be used as a new material in the era of high-voltage power and ultra-high voltage. At present, GT6 is not available. Do you plan to add a process?
Natural graphite is oxidized to graphite oxide by using chemical reagents such as sulphuric acid and nitric acid, potassium permanganate and hydrogen peroxide, and then reduced to graphene.
2 Wafer is a silicon-based material used to fabricate chips and etch circuits on them. GT6 can have own wafer. I think it can also be used as a material for the GT6 high-voltage era and later technology lines. Used to make some chips. Silicon dioxide is refined, chlorinated with hydrochloric acid and distilled to obtain polycrystalline silicon. It can also be used as a more scientific production method for GC wafers.
3 Natural Gas I checked the list of GT6 and found that there seems to be natural gas in GT6, but it is not produced in the world? Perhaps it can be generated near an oil field or in a coal mine vein in GT6. It is a very good combustion gas, environmental protection, clean. Gas fields are added to GT6 and special mining machines are added.
4. Flammable ice is a very good gas hydrate found in recent years. It is formed under high temperature and low pressure. My mission is that it can be generated in the ocean for exploitation and processed to obtain natural gas as excellent fuel for gas combustion chambers. It was found on the seabed, which means that a special mining platform may be needed for mining.
Welding torch is usually used to weld some small and medium-sized metal parts. Welding some machine shell in GT6 may use it instead of wrench synthesis.
That’s my suggestion. Do you have some ideas or are they already planned?


Yeah Graphene is planned, was just lacking a way to make it and use it for most of the time.

Wafers are already in GT6, so what are you talking about? Sure it’s named “Silicon Plates”, but that’s what it is meant to represent.

Natural Gas is the Stuff from Per Fabrica Ad Astra (PFAA), but I might add it later myself too.

Methane-Ice is in my Material List, I might add that too somewhen.

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I have a suggestion. Graphene cables in GT6 can be widely used in high-voltage machine manufacturing.
Natural gas is really a very good gas to burn in a gas combustor… And do you plan to add a large combustor?


Natural gas is really a good suggestion… However, it may be necessary to be careful when the torch is ignited during the collection. Some safer light sources may be needed…
Methane ice is also a good suggestion…


I remember playing with a gases mod a while back. Digging into a cave of methane gas is quite terrifying when the air around you bursts into flames, that and slowly suddenly choking to death.