Some suggestions from other GT branches

I’ve looked at some other unofficial branches of GT, and I think there are some contents that may be useful for GT6:
Large burner mixer and industrial coke oven:
Although GT6U is added with a large heatmixer instead of a large burner mixer, and it needs polytetrafluoroethylene to make the turbine shape. GT6 can not do this, but it can use invar wall to build the same structure as a large batch mixer to produce titanium in large quantities.
As for the industrial coke oven, although the ordinary coke oven does not need energy, it is too slow (coking 16 coals takes 3 minutes). Although the industrial coke oven costs electricity, its efficiency is much higher. The structure of GT6U industrial coke oven is so strange that it doesn’t look like coke oven at all.a structure like a blast furnace with two layer coils can be considered.
As for aquaculture farm… I don’t think it’s that boring

The isotope separation of naquadah was carried out by using fluoantimonic acid instead of a simple centrifuge. (isotope separation of a fictional powerful element with a real-life Superacid…) This may make naquadah fuel rods more difficult to obtain, but ordinary naquadah has not much use in GT6 except as the ultimate material…

The energy station.can store the huge amount of electricity in the lategame on a large scale. The texture in GT++ is too ugly. I hope the GT6 texture will look better if it is added…
Large sifter is used to deal with large amount of purified crushed gem ore produced by large crusher and large sluice. The structure may be a problem…Rolling sifter?
Production of hydrogen peroxide from 2-Ethylanthraquinone (although hydrogen peroxide is of little use in GT6…)
As for Zhuhai fishing port…No one needs so much fish oil, right?


Is that a reference I am not getting? Also yes Fish Oil is not really used much, but you can burn it as far as I know.

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I mean, it’s fun, but you don’t have to add it.(Auto fishing in GT? Who would be so boring, unless it’s skyblock), and why is Zhuhai? Does the author of GT++ like the seafood in Zhuhai? I don’t know what it is meme…


The what?! This is a Minecraft Mod not a Transport Tycoon Mod, geez Alk…


But in any case, large burner mixer and energy station are better ideas…


I have been always thinking about adding something Multiblock regarding energy storage in GT6U so I added something called Multiblock Energy Storage Unit. I made it size-customizable in 3aspects: length, cross-sectional area, and battery core type. I say it mostly follows the original GT6 chemical battery style (in which the difficulty of production determines the storage amount). Although I am mostly satisfied with my design, I have to admit that my desire to make it extremely size-customizable may have made the construction instruction pretty confusing and made the codes involved not very elegant.

I believe Zhuhai is a costal city in southern China famous for its fish


Large burner mixer is very necessary for the large amount of titanium needed in the lategame (you don’t want to make a lot of burner mixers, and then each one is equipped with an igniter to ignite repeatedly, or it’s too boring to see which one goes out and then ignite manually). In particular, bedrock mining drill needs 1319 units of titanium, and IV tier machine also needs many titanium.

As for the energy station As he said, the multi block structure that can customize the voltage and core looks good, but the code will become very troublesome (gt6 has not yet made a tank that can customize the size…) Maybe a structure with fixed size but customizable core is more suitable (like logistics core). In addition, the core of GT++ energy station is vanadium redox battery, so we can consider adding its single block battery, as well as Ni-H battery and graphene battery mentioned before.


Mmm minecraft style gaming would make for a great resource transportation management game (with much better code needed than MC itself has), lol.