Some suggestions about smelting crucible

I really love the smelting crucible in GT6, it is challenging and interesting.:smiley:
There are something could be improved when I using it:

  1. I found that all the craftiing in crucible are finished immediately when it hits the reaction temperature. It is unreal and very easy to make the temperature too high (for example, if I set the mold to ‘auto output’, once it hits the reaction temperature the reaction is done, all the products will be put out immediately, then the crucible is empty so the temperature will going up too quikly to wait the next reactant in :cry:). So what about this?

    (1) When crucible’s temperature (T) hits the reaction temperature (T0), T remain constant, the reaction be started.
    (2) Different reaction need different HU per unit reaction. For example, maybe it need 5000 HU per unit reaction which product iron; 500 HU per unit reaction which product bronze.
    (3) If the ceramic crucible let out 6 HU/tick (I don’t know the exact number) and the burning box product 16 HU/tick, so after each 1 tick it finished (16 - 6) / (5000) = 0.002 unit ‘iron reaction’ and (16 - 6) / (500) = 0.02 unit ‘bronze reaction’.
    (4) When the reaction is over, T goes up.

    This means it will cost 25 second to finish 1 unit ‘iron reaction’ and 2.5 second to finish 1 unit ‘bronze reaction’. The advanced burning box will cost less time, different reaction has its own reaction speed.
    So to make the crucible produce time close to now, the heat capacity of things in crucible should be turned down and the heat capacity of crucible itself should be turned up (when put in reactant, T will not sharply going down; when the crucible is empty, T wil not easily going too high. This can also be done by add some thing will not go into reation, maybe I’m complaining the heat capacity of empty crucible is too low :laughing:).

  2. I found there is no way to cool the mold, so the crucible’s product speed is limited when I want to automatically using crucible (bc pipe / funnel can only get the product when mold is cooled :face_with_raised_eyebrow:). There is also no way to cool the crucible unless let water boiled, maybe you can add a machine or cover which can use water or something else to cool mold and crucible.

English is not my first language, so it may be a bit hard too understand and has some misunderstand,:confounded: I will try my best to make myself clear. Thanks for reading all this long passage! I really hope all these come true one day.:smiley:

  1. Yeah I cant really change the Crucible without messing up everyones Stuff, though I will keep that delay in mind when doing my own game. (I should probably go through the Suggestions section and tag everything that contains ideas that I need to read once its time to do so.)

  2. Tried the Thermoelectric Cooler? That one can definitely cool down Molds. ^^

  1. When the new crucible is complete, you can keep the original crucible but only remove its crafting, while the new crucible uses the original crafting. So the new created crucible using the new mechanism and the old one is not going to be affected.:wink:
  2. I have tried and it works well!:smiley: I remeber I have tried it long time ago but it is seemed not work at that time.:thinking:
    Thermoelectric Cooler is too expensive anyway, I think water cooling is enough for cooling Molds. Hope it can be added one day.:grin:

Smelting crucible is a wonderful idea.:wink: But when you observe it,you will find some amazing phenomenons:When it is heated, heat dissipation is not considered at all, even if the heat dissipation rate is bigger than the heating rate.
Also,as we all know,the hotter the object, the faster it cools.However,when I observe the temperature of mold and crucible.They seem linear cooling.
(I didn’t watch the code,so if I’m wrong,please tell me.)


Yeah it is linear cooling and it doesn’t dissipate heat while heating up too, in order to make Maths much easier.


Thank you very much for answering my question.:grinning: