Some questions, suggestions etc

As I’m interested in material processing and stuff, I find GT6 one of the best simulators. I’ve come up with some suggestions which I suppose won’t be hard to implement and can bring some more realism to the game.

  1. In-game sodium production uses old process Na2CO3 + 2 C → 2 Na + 3 CO, which is kinda complex (as sodium carbonate production requires some steps). Later the Castner process was used (electrolysis of molten NaOH, which is one step less in game), and then the Downs process (which we already have in-game) with mixture of molten NaCl and CaCl2. These recipes require less steps in production, but can be of higher EU tier not to make it too simple.

  2. Tungsten carbide can be produced from WO3 and carbon (maybe with Burner Mixer?)

  3. Any plans on ammonia? Some kind of Haber process, and lots of potential uses…

  4. What about Natural Gas separation? As for minimum, it can be separated to methane, ethane, propane and butane. Also, we can have purification step for both oil and gas with separation of H2S and CO2.

  5. As we have shittons of paraffin as a byproduct, it can be steam cracked to ethylene. Same can be applied for lubricant, but for this case oil lubricant should be different from one made with redstone/talc.

  6. Li-Co and Li-Mn cells use LiCoO2 and LiMn2O4 for cathodes (not Co and Mn). Recipe includes solid LiClO4, but it’s used in solution as electrolyte (which place is currently occupied with HCl and HF). However, LiPF6 is better as an electrolyte (and provides more use for phosporus in game).

  7. As for each material we have Q, S and D stats, it took a looot of time for me to understand what S stands for. Not a single mention on the internet…

  8. More complex organic chemistry, plastics, synthesized rubber, oh my dreams…

Sorry for bothering you, will do again :slight_smile:
If I had a better opinion of Java, I would try to implement some of the stuff here myself…

  1. Uh dont all those Recipes already exist in some way? Electrolyzing NaOH is definitely in my Code. Oh wait you’re talking about melting it first? Yeah I kinda did a lazy on that one i guess. XD

  2. Hrrm Tungsten carbide might be too easy to make if i added that one.

  3. No real plans on that one. I’m not actually adding much anymore.

  4. Yeah I forgot about that one. XD

  5. Okay this Paraffin thing definitely goes on my List of things to do. I really dont have any proper uses for that one apart from Wax Capsules.

  6. Yeah lazy Recipe in this case.

  7. Quality, Speed, Durability.


Generally speaking (since this tends to come up every now and then) for this kind of stuff you’re better off making your own changes to the game and, if you’d like, share the script file for everyone to use.
All the relevant recipe additions/edits in your bullet points can easily be fixed with applying custom scripts with, which has GT6 support and is fairly easy to understand and write for without any sort of coding knowledge, the github has a wiki, and if you’re swamped you can just look at a few examples from modpacks which already have GT6 scripts (terrafirmarescue’s github page does actually come with its own extra page of information on how they work, even).

The only thing it can’t do is 8.


Uh can those Scripts actually add Items and Fluids? Because some of those intermediates dont exist.

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Technically, no. But nothing stops you from actually just renaming and reusing “dummy” items and fluids for that, basically just items and fluids from other mods that you can’t actually get and still still get registered, like infinity or draconium without having avaritia or draconic evolution in the modpack.
I did something similar with some of my scripts.
In fact, that would actually fix 8 too now that I think about it. It’s a bit of a hack but eh, if it works it works.


Draconium and Infinity actually have uses in GT6 though, so those particular examples are bad XD

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…I mean, I get that they have uses, but still, that’s not really going to help if you don’t have the mods installed, eh? :sweat_smile:
Hard to get infinity without you know
a the whole neutronium thing :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


You are aware they are valid Tool Materials right? Making them obtainable in any way other than their intended Mod and Stuff would kindof mess with progression. :stuck_out_tongue:

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