Some questions and suggestions

Some questions and suggestions

1 When I start the nuclear reactor, even if it is still working, it only has a short time to output the hot coolant. Why?
2 Radiation problems, the radiation range after the nuclear reactor is started is wide. But there is currently no block to block its radiation, and perhaps a block that blocks radiation is needed to keep the creature from radiation. And have you ever thought that if the radiation is not blocked, will the air be polluted?
3 Maybe GT6 will have a multi-block dryer.XD
4 To confirm again, will nuclear fusion join GT6? Perhaps silica needs nuclear fusion to make.



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I use translation software to translate XD.
I looked at it again and found that there were more mistakes than before. Maybe I shouldn’t use this translation software.


In my opinion and suggestion,

1 - You need to keep Coolant and don’t flood Heatant, or the reactor would stop working.
I guess your reactor was stopped because of this reason.
I suggest you use Logistics Tanks to save Coolant and use bigger pipe to transport Heatant.

2 - I don’t know the details, but I guess pollution will be caused if polluted water isn’t processed well.
And it’s difficult to remove pollution, probably waiting so many years is the only way to remove.
Using Lead Block or IC2 blocks to block radiation is the good idea, this function is like Deep Resonance Mod.

3 - We need Distilled Water to get Steam and Coolant.
Large one will be useful stuff.

4 - I suggest high tier machine(Ex. LuV, ZPM) needs the materials which are made by nuclear fusion or fission.


Very sure that does NOT work for Heatant!!! Power Conducting Fluids can NOT be stored in GT6 Tanks!!!


Oops, yes, GT6 tank doesn’t work.