Some questions and ideas

Hi, I have some questions and ideas about GT6

  1. There is a 4 tier large boilers and steam turbine but for now only Tier 1 and 2 can be utilitized due to lack Hu generation and Tier 4 can´t be crafted without another mod or change ore-generation. Is there a chance we could use a nuclear reactor to powering Tier 3 boiler? For now we can only powering Tier1 because heat exachanger transfer only 512Hu/t at max :(. Maybe some large multiblock exchanger?

  2. I found trinium and naquadah but I can´t create a trinaquadah alloy. Is there a future plan to create this alloy? I like using a max tier components like pump and conveyor belts?

  3. It would be nice to have some sort of labeling for pipe to show direction of flow. Maybe using a printing press and black ink to create a label arrow

  4. I have a lots of tungsten bearing ore like Pinalite (Pb3(WO3)Cl2O12) and Russellite (Bi2(WO3)O3) and only processing way is using cruicible to transform to a Tungsten trioxide (WO3) which leads to a lost of some materials like lead (Pb), Bismut (Bi) and chlorine (Cl).Are you planning to add some way to processing it without loosing materials?

We´re currently using GT 6.11.04 and we´re looking forward for nuclear power plant


Wait Trinaquadalloy isn’t available yet? Gonna add a Crucible Recipe for that then.

With Extenders you can have up to 21 things injecting Heat, not just 9. But yeah Heat Exchangers need a severe Buff or a Multiblock Version.

I might do some Labels yeah, right now you could only use the Advanced Button to show Arrows going a direction.


How to do this? With burning boxes? Can anyone send a screenshot?


And what’s the situation with silicon, russelite, pinalite, steel, Tungsten carbide, is there gonna be a machine for them if we say pretty please with sugar on top?