Some Question about Logistics Core

I have some Question about this machine.

  1. How do Logistics Dump Bus work?
  2. What is Priority 0 - 3 ?
  3. I have a Ore-process System, and too much O2 and H2. I want to destroy those liquid when tanks are full, and if those tanks aren’t full, I want to store them. How can I destroy extra liquid (include F2/Br or other liquid)?
  1. If an Item or something does not have ANYWHERE to go, it will go to the Logistics Dump. It is the last possible stop an Item can take. See its Output as a “Stuff that does not get sorted ends up here”-Chest.

  2. 0 = Default for whatever the Covers regular Priority is. This just means the Cover was freshly “FACTORY RESET”, do not use this for anything else other than wanting normal Behavior!
    The Dump is always the lowest possible Priority. This cant be modified.
    1 = Low Priority Target, like a Chest with an unfiltered Cover on it, or a completely empty Logistics Mass Storage.
    2 = Logistics Mass Storages that already contains an Item.
    3 = Logistics Filter Cover and therefore Highest Priority.
    One thing of note, the Logistics Core will always try to take things away from Low Priority Imports first and try to insert those into High Priority Exports first. Storages are an inbetween thing where the same Logic applies. This part is rather complicated to explain, but rest assured I made it in a way that actually makes fucking sense in the big picture. The Changelog should contain an Explanation in it, that might help if you really need it.

  3. There is setups you can do with the Ender Garbage Bin for that. Put a Low Priority Filtered Fluid Export (Priority: 1) on the Bin to make sure the Fluid will go first to everything else before it tries to go into the Bin.


Oh one thing I wanted to mention, the Logistics Core will run defragmentation on all Storages whenever it has idle processing power, which is probably one of the best features it has, compared to AE where everything just becomes a fucking mess inside the Drives forcing you occasionally just take out all the badly sorted Drives and re-dump them into the AE System to sort them properly…

There is a lot of these quality of life things with my Logistics System, making sure you dont have to do much with its Internals, especially when you have an unsorted Storage and then later add somewhere to sort some parts of it to. No need to manually take it out.

At the same time it wont defrag anything from an unsorted storage to another unsorted storage (empty mass storage for example), which would cause so much random manual fumbling around just to get it to work otherwise. It will only ever “Import” towards an unsorted Storage but never defrag towards it, making it still possible to have your Wall of Logistics Mass Storages filled automatically.