Some new plans, I'm not sure if they're on your material list

In GT6, liquefaction furnaces liquefy some metals, but the current liquefaction furnaces are too small. They have only one lattice to store liquefied molten metal. This means that it will melt only a portion of the metal that contains the most.
Large liquefaction furnaces absorb more heat in exchange for faster processing speed, storage capacity, and can handle more different materials in words, just like large centrifuges. This will also allow players to choose liquefaction furnaces and mixers to synthesize some metals in the medium term. Are you planning to build a large liquefaction furnace?
The second suggestion is about how to generate electricity. Obviously, GT6 generates electricity only by rotating energy, or by lightning rods, but lightning rods consume a lot of materials and are not stable for a long time. Rotation energy is usually obtained by steam turbines or gas turbines. Are you planning to add more GT6’s own stand-alone power generation? For example, hydroelectric power? Solar power? Although GT6 has solar power now, its output is too small. Solar power can be graded like generators, but because solar energy is easy to obtain, their power generation should be limited a little. Large solar generators are also a good choice. Or GT6’s own nuclear power, like GT5’s!
I noticed that methane ice now exists in GT6. Can you disclose your plan and whether it will appear in GT6 soon?


The ways to produce energy are not many in GT6.

The mainly way is thermal power generation.
(Chemical Substance–HU–SU–RU–EU)
This is not only inefficient, bulky and has serious pollution(If you add a pollution system in the future,just like GT5u).So it can design as a early game energy resource.The main fuel is coking coal,coal,charcoal or brown coal.

The solar energy seems a little useless.The reason is its expensive price, the weather is greatly affected, the floor space is large and the other mods are too strong(Such as the Advanced Solar Panel).If you add a cleaning setting like GT5u, it will be more troublesome.Also,the integrated solar in GT5 seems unreasonable,because their small volume and index progress price.Reflective solar power plants like FZ can be considered.

Disposable battery, repeatable battery or energy crystal and even ZPM seems to be just an energy storage device.Not generators.But they still can “produce” energy.
(Chemical Substance–EU) (LU–EU) or (QU–EU)

The lightning rods are random produce and expensive,because they need lightnings and need to face lightnings.

Then the energy except the four already mentioned are still waiting to be added.Here are some of them.

First,the water and wind energy.They can be designed as produce RU directly by water wheel or blade.Also need something to fix them.It is occupied by IC.
(Wind or water–RU–EU)

Second,the nuclear energy,including decay,fission and fusion,maybe a good solution.
The RTG,which powered by decay,is a extreme-long-lasting output of energy.
(Nuclear reactions–HU–EU)
And there are also batteries that use β decay electrons.(Nuclear reactions–EU)
The nuclear reactor can easily support the whole grid.
(Nuclear reactions–HU–SU–RU–EU)
It also give us the high speed particle resource.
They are still occupied by IC,Nuclear Craft,and many other mods.:thinking:

Third,there are still have many ways.You also can refer to the fuel battery
(Chemical Substance–EU),thermocouple(CU,HU–EU),photocatalytic decomposition of water(Solar–Chemical Substance) or geothermal(Earth–HU).
They all may be a way to produce energy and may be added in the future.

As the big liquefaction furnaces,I worried about the liquid material may mix together.The output problem still need to be considered.

Yeah,some people in our group had said Zeolite seems to be somewhat difficult to find.Then the steam cracker will be locked.So what about synthetic molecular sieve in Autoclave with hydrothermal environment?It can be used as a substitute for zeolite in recipes.:wink: