Some memes in the Name and Texture of Bumblebees

Today, I went to see the bumblebees of GT6 and found that there are many memes in their names and textures. Here is what I already know:
Antichrist bumblebee:There is an inverted cross and the magic circle
bro bumblebee:Super mario bro
toad bumblebee:Toad in the Super Mario
satanic bumblebee:Satanism’s “666” and the demonic circle
peach bumblebee:Peach Princess in Super Mario (her crown wasn’t on hot at the time… )
bumble-in-black:Obviously playing the meme of the Man-In-Black
Some memes I haven’t seen yet (e.g. colonial bumblebee), so I need to ask @gregorius, which may be very important for Sinicization.


The Colonial one is from the British Colonialists in the Caribbean.

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