Some idea about mechaenetia

  1. Allowing different types of inventory / research may increase the workload of moder because it needs to deal with all types of backpacks.
  2. Adding a “switch key binding mode” button allows players to switch between working mode and combat mode.
  3. The display mode of each item should be determined by its own mod. A unified description will bring a lot of useless information.
    But in any case, information such as the main name, quality, volume, color and so on should still be retained, otherwise there will be a lot of compatibility problems.
  4. I have an idea about poisons & Drinks:
    Use “fluid container mod” to make “bottle mod”, and provide instructions for bottles through “label mod” made by “office supplies mod”.
    After that, a bottle of poison might look like this:
    Contains 1L of green liquid
    Labeled “delicious juice!”
  5. Different uses of an item should be provided by different mods. For example, the use of bottles can be composed of “bottle weapon mod” and “bottle container mod”.
  6. A question: what should be done if one mod provides a bow composed of bow arm and bow string, and another mod provides a bow composed of bow arm, handle and bow string?
  7. Functions like “smashing” can be calculated by the weight of the tool, while functions like “digging” can be calculated by “sharpness”, which can avoid a lot of compatibility problems.
  8. Functions such as mission books and music player should be set as separate functions. Task items (in normal games) are the same as normal items, while key items should only be set by scenes or administrators.
  9. It’s better to name the effect in random letters.
  10. Perhaps rays should be combined with “microscopic systems” (if any), such as setting β rays to “electron rays” rather than “B rays”.
  11. Non distance based chat should be turned on / off by the op to make things like the phone useful.
  12. Be sure to have a core mod that integrates all of the core content.
  13. The complexity of resources should not change the item itself or the recipe, but should be replaced by the same type of items in the synthesis. For example, iron and copper are both metals, so copper can be used instead of iron to eliminate the difference between resources and items.
  14. When getting the ore, maybe can not display the name of the ore itself, only show some features, and let the player judge by himself.
  15. It is better to design the magic system in the core mod, so that the magic of mod is compatible with the magic of vanilla.
  16. “Age” should not be strictly defined, but simply divided into different stages in technology, and set different starting technologies for different initial ages.
  17. Materials can be pre processed into “precast blocks” (e.g. bricks / timber beams) to make the building simpler.
  18. There should be a partial bonus to the ability of NPC to compete with the invading players.
  19. I don’t know how society should work. Maybe it will still be medieval society in the information age, or will society change with the development of technology?
  20. If you don’t know where to start, maybe it’s a good choice to design the starter first! Also,it can define the artistic style of mechaenetia.
  1. Yeah having multiple options for Inventory Types might be a bit of more Effort for everyone, I will prioritize the Volume/Weight List based Type, similar to the one in Morrowind (that one was Weight only).
  2. It should indeed be made obvious that you can have such Keybind Modes, good point. And even if not, in the worst case there will always be the Scroll-Lock. Num-Lock and Caps-Lock indicators as possible Inputs, though as you can imagine two of those are too laden with side effects to use them for this.
  3. No, I disagree on that one for sure, you do not know how the Information Window will look like. This isn’t gonna be a shitty Minecraft Tooltip that is next to the Mouse Pointer, this will be a dedicated Info Box at the side of the Inventory or wherever you pull that Box onto your Screen.
  4. Is that an Idea or your interpretation of what I wrote there? Also if a Mod that has a special Worktable doesn’t exist it would always default to the normal Crafting Table equivalent, even for the Furnace if a Furnace Mod isn’t installed.
  5. Yeah something along those lines, but a bit more complicated.
  6. That is two different Bows then, you know you shouldn’t decide to have two different Mods if you dont want two different Bows (or two Recipes), and remember Recipe conflicts CANNOT happen due to the List based nature, this isn’t Crafting Grid Bullshit. :wink:
  7. Yeah that one is complicated to calculate. Not much I can say about it yet.
  8. Precise management of what is what, still needs to be done with those Items.
  9. Uh what?
  10. Uh what do you mean?
  11. pretty sure everything is supposed to be done with Settings, why is that even a suggestion?
  12. Uh yes?
  13. why are you basically describing the things in my List?
  14. you are describing the stuff I planned there? Why do you make a point of this?
  15. As I said, lots of Management for those Packages needs to be done.
  16. Its just a Label for which Tech Level you are in with each Tech.
  17. yes, again exactly what I planned, so you can make Wall Plates or similar for fast building.
  18. that needs more balance considerations, not that NPCs are much stronger than Players due to “perfect” Teamwork.
  19. Well, things will happen, but more importantly, society does not change much at all until people get more free communication like an Internet or so, and in that case it would have implicit impact on NPCs since they can communicate with each other over a long distance instantly without needing to resort to Mail that may never arrive.
  20. Oh for that, you should look at this MC Mod, specifically the Screenshot. Something similar to this is the customizability I expect for Player Models. Without forcing a Steve Skeleton below the Clothes though, so you can have more control over the Body Shape.


tooltips are surely evil.
About the “Description” part,it can be done in other ways by players.

“interpretation” is better,i didn’t use the right word.

The “Effect Types” part ,use the random name can make it more funny.

Just like the particles in the “physics” part of GT6U,use particle and the wave length to name the rays instead of a letter.

I’m not sure what your idea is, so I need to repeat it to make sure I understand it; but if I get it wrong, then this is a real suggestion.

Another wrong word,I mean launcher