Some Conception of fission reactor

Because GT relies on IC2 for a long time, the fission reactor has been using IC2, and the design of fusion reactor has been basically fixed because the fusion reactor has passed through many generations of GT. But after GT6 cancels its dependence on IC2, it has to start designing its own fission reactor. So what will GT6 be like?

I went to see a lot of mod reactor designs and found that they are based on two main principles: direct power output through reactions, or steam generation from heating water to generate electricity through turbines. Their structures also have some commonalities: main blocks, reaction chambers for nuclear fuel, control rods for neutron absorption to prevent reaction runaway, cooling units for cooling, and casing blocks as structures. If the power is directly output, there will be an electric power output port, if the steam is output, there will be a fluid input port and output port.

So what should the GT6 reactor look like? I think if we want to be more realistic, it’s reasonable to output steam to generate electricity. In this case, the reactor needs a circulating cooling system, just like the IC2 fluid reactor. Coolant can be water, coolant or sodium-potassium alloy. If it is water, it will directly output steam. If it is coolant or sodium-potassium alloy, it will output the version of heat. It can be cooled by heat exchanger and generate steam at the same time. Steam generates electricity through turbine. Like most reactors, it will also explode when the temperature reaches the upper limit.

In GUI, there are slots like most other reactors where nuclear fuel rods can be placed to react and control rods to absorb neutrons. Heat radiators can cause heat loss but make the reactor safer. Neutron reflectors can improve reaction efficiency but also make the temperature rise faster. Like other reactors, there is a heat bar that shows the heat of the current reactor, and if the heat exceeds the upper limit, it will explode.

For the positioning of the reactor on the techtree, I think it should be in the EV-IV period before the LuV fusion reactor. In the case of the main block of the reactor, more high-tech items (such as crystal processors) are needed to control the reactor. Other blocks need lead to protect the reactor from radiation.

Finally, I hope to have an anti-radiation suit…


The fission reactor in GT5+IC is mainly used to produce EU in late game(or middle,depending on your pack).Sometimes it is used to produce materials like T,Pu or other delay product.It imitates as a neutron source.
(I omit the other particles in these processesi_f25 )
I think the little reactor(its size just like common machines) is so strange.It even can produce EU directly without any heat-exchange system and steam-turbine system.We can change the inside of reactors easily when they are running.It is impossible in real life.
But without IC,the fuel rod series need to reload completely.Also the nuclear reactor.So a subversive nuclear reactors system is needed.
The whole reactor including structure(also shield),core,pipes,heat-exchange system,steam-turbine system and liquid-recycle system.
In the core of the pile,the GUI which likes IC is still a good idea.But we can use the coolant or control rods to affect temperature.The control rods can design as the shape of blocks at the outside of core.(Controlling by signal)The core can give us the valuable neutron resource.
The heat of core can be taken by coolant and makes coolant hot.Then in a Heat Exchanger(or direct in core),water is turned to steam and let turbines running.The liquid can be recycled.
The pollution of radiation need to be treated separately with gases.Using the Lead Plates and Reinforced Concrete.
The nuclear fission is important to nuclear fusion if we still on Earth because we need T
(picture 2).If we can get on the moon one day just as Greg described in gameplan,we can use He-3 for instead.
In Greg’s gameplan,the nuclear reactor is suitable in Nuclear Age,just as the Manhattan Project is completed and the Cold War.
If we using the Voltage Tier,it can be built after HV(GT5’s original design,it is good)or later(in the middle of EV).The nuclear fusion seems still a future energy.:wink: