Some building blocks of other mods did not add material values

This is a problem I discovered while preparing to do a very boring: after successfully exploring the Wight Fortress in The Betweenlands, I somehow wanted to take on a challenge: repairing the fortress, which involves replacing all the dilapidated (mossy and cracked) building blocks inside with new ones (much like a previous challenge about the overworld Fortress).

Then when I demolished many dilapidated building blocks, I realized that I couldn’t restore them to their new shape. So I thought about recycling the betweenstone materials from these betweenstone blocks. If I could turn them into dust, perhaps I could use these stone dust to make concrete or something, or maybe I could turn them back into betweenstone and craft new building blocks. But I have found that it is not possible. They cannot be ground into dust in shredder, and even if thrown into a crucible, they will disappear directly instead of becoming scrap.

So, can we use some method to add material values to these building blocks(I found that ordinary betweenstone block have material value and can be ground normally)? Or add some compatible recipes?

PS: Perhaps the debarker can help clean the moss on the surface of these stone bricks, but for those that have already cracked, they can only be shredded.


Dude, you are responsible for me renaming the Debarker to Pressure Washer, just to let you know. It is all your fault. XD


Okay I should be done with Betweenlands Stone Compat now. Should work properly now. ^^


So can you add more uses for solid tar? I successfully explored several tar pool dungeons and obtained a large number of solid tar blocks. They are useless and ugly, so can you add some uses to them? For example, as fuel? Or can they be re liquefied in some way and used as fuel, perhaps processed into fuel oil?

In the betweenlands new version, liquid tar can be applied to Hearthgrove log as a good fuel, but it is not used for solid tar.

PS: After my inquiry, natural tar mainly contains aromatic compounds. Shit, GT6 does not have these things, and they will not be added

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Wait is Tar not usable for Sticky Pistons, Torches and similar Stuffs at least?

That’s just the purpose of tar drips, solid tar blocks do not, and they cannot decompose into tar drips (and this will disrupt the balance).

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Okay uhh

  1. How does it disrupt balance if i was to make a recipe for tar blocks to tar drips and vice versa, if i account for all randomness in eventual drops?

  2. I did not notice Tar Blocks while checking Betweenlands, guess I need to check on that too.

This can lead to tar drips being too easily obtained.

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Uh why is that an important thing? is Tar actually supposed to be difficult?

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