Some balance advice of nuclear reactor

I have tried the nuclear reactor for some days and find some data can be more balanced. :grinning:

  1. The multiple of Self and Emission in Industrial Coolant(4 times) seems too much.
    We can easily fill Pu-239 or other good fuel rod in nuclear reactor core(2x2), and put nuclear reactor core(1x1) with Neutron Absorbs Rod, like this:

    The Efficiency would be really high(about 125% if use real output heat divide by the maximum), of course it is not overloaded.
    But if use other coolant, we always need to build a “supercritical power producing reactors”, you kwon it is not easy :slightly_frowning_face:, to get that high Efficiency. It is usually not even possible to get the 125% Efficiency.

  2. The Emission calculation:
    En = e + ((n – s) * f)
    It is easy to find the En may be less than zero, and I really got it in game:

    (left: Pu-244 Fuel Rod, right: Neutron Absorbs Rod, coolant: Helium)
    this may not like a suggestion but it did not actually cause any bugs in the scope of my test. :upside_down_face:


It seems 1.5 times in Industrial Coolant would be great in my test :grin: