Some automatic production lines

These are some production lines I built in gt6. Most of them are in the creative mode. Some have been built in the save of survival mode. These production lines only use the vanilla and gt6 devices, and there are no other mod devices. Some designs may be cumbersome, the wiring may be chaotic and waste space, but at least they can work normally.

Sulfuric acid bathing loop:

Aqua regia loop:

titanium processing(When I do this loop, it is still an old version. The latest version can save a smelter):

Treatment of iron with hydrochloric acid (the reason why the bath is not used is that bathing limonite will produce excess water and finally block the loop, but there will be loss of limonite melting):

Dynamite production line (without forestry, it is a little difficult to obtain a large amount of biomass and woodpulp. In addition, I found that sulfur still can not be recycled without damage, and the sulfur dioxide produced is less than that produced by sulfuric acid):

Uranium isotope separation (it’s really too complicated. Wiring is hell and a lot of space is wasted, but at least it can work normally. I send a flow chart here to see how complex the process is):



Very pretty!

Coloring pipes doesn’t do anything functional, but it does make them easier to follow (and you can refer to things like X fluid goes down the green pipe), which you can do with paint/spraycans/washingtheminFluidDye/etc… :slight_smile:

Remember, almost everything in GT6 can be colored. :slight_smile:


I did automatic pyrolusite treatment, which is a simple loop and easy to do. But I wouldn’t do that in survival mode because I don’t need so much manganese.