Solid H storage for portable EU (?)

Ehi Greg, in uni I’m having lectures about the elements of the f-block, and one of the uses I’m studying is hydrogen storage. Stuff like LaNi5 reacts with H2 at high pressure to form LaNi5H6 (LaNi5H8 at very high pressure), and is actually a higher H2 density than compressed hydrogen. The reverse reaction only needs 400-500K, so kinda mild conditions.

I was thinking this stuff would be interesting to implement in GT6, maybe a press recipe with H and LaNi5 dust? A stack of LaNi5H6 dust blocks would be 432 buckets of H, and for LaNi5H8 it’s 578 buckets. I dunno, maybe if you add fuel cells that convert hydrogen into EU directly, having H in item form rather than in drums could make them very convenient forms of portable power


Hrrm I did think of Hydrogen Battery alike Fuel Cells earlier too, unsure what I am gonna make of this though.


You could put the LaNi5 dust in a contanier to make “hydrogen batteries” or something like that. Not entirely realistic but a nice quality of life thing (easier/more convenient H storage)