Solar power plant

Solar power plant

So I was wondering what salt is used in solar power plants, turns out it might be a plain mixture of NaNO3 and KNO3 i’ve come to call solar salt, though I think that might also be the name of a washing powder.

It got me thinking. My town is built adjacent to a salt mine, made me wonder if I could build a solar power plant.
It would require the construction of parabolic mirrors, lots of them, and a container for holding the salt probably akin to a distillation tower in construction. Then you would need some sort of heat exchanger or heat pump for converting the energy from the molten salt to usable heat. Biomes would probably play into it, temps would be important and obviously the sun.

It would probably generate huge amounts of HU that could be used to run boilers, or ovens, dryers other HU powered devices.

Also got me thinking of salt based heat storage. I’m imagining something kind of like batboxes for HU but would lose heat slowly over time, and big, 3x3x3 structures.