Soft Hammer recipe in NEI only shows rubber hammer head in recipes

Just to be clear, you can still make Soft Hammers from Wood. But the missing NEI recipe is a bit confusing.

Actual description:
NEI only shows the rubber hammer head recipe when viewing how to make the generic ‘Soft Hammer’ item.
Vice-versa, looking for uses of any ‘Wood Hammer Head’ item does not show the Soft Hammer as product.

Affected versions: 6.14.03 (probably introduced in 6.14.02, can’t test that one)

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Yeah it is a bit complicated, there is an insane amount of Lag without this type of one Crafting Recipe for all. That is why the Tooltip of all Tool Heads says to attach a Stick to them as Handle.

Do the ‘any type of X’ recipes also cause as much lag? For instance, fish bait is made with string and ‘any type of fish’. Maybe in a similar way there could be a “any type of wood hammer head” recipe for all the wood types?
Or is the lag caused by the M * N combination of hammer head and stick types?

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Yeah to make NEI support work properly it would need to be M * N instead of 1, which is quite literally an O(n²) lookup in the Crafting Manager. (iterates through all recipes asking for if it matches every single time until it hits a working Recipe)

The only way to properly fix it is to rewrite the NEI Crafting Plugin (and potentially some core functionality of NEI itself) to be able to show things like this properly.

Edit: And even then the Issue of Information Overload would still be a thing, since clearly you dont want a list of hundreds of Recipes to inspire yourself of crafting a Tool from a specific Material that you happen to stumble upon.

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