So the Minecraft Forums are gonna be dead soon

I have not been on the Minecraft Forums since ages, nor have i actually used it and avoided it, but now that account migration killed off a lot of Accounts by surprise (since the notification mail about it went into spam folders ofcourse), there is new development in that they are going to make the MC Forums Read Only now, essentially killing them off and making an Archive out of the little bit that has not yet been deleted.

So well, if someone wants to talk about it, here is the Topic for that. I have not much to do with the MC Forums.


as long as you can you may should announce this forum for further suggestions & talk to your main thread


Nah, its not that important, its just the old garbage MC Forums. Just wanted to mention this. Also with “Here” I actually meant the Link to the MC Forums I posted. XD


btw. will you publish this mod to curse-forge someday? Just to get more ppl to GT6, barely someone knows whats GT6 while playing GT5u


Nope, not going to ever touch Curse. It’s just a shitty platform overall. I dont care about how many people use my Mod or how popular it is, i only care that its possible to use it. :wink: