So I guess I got a Discord Server now

I made a Discord Server, for reasons explained further below:

Basically I got THIS global notification from espernet

Espernet is shutting down on March 25th, I had to change platforms, that is why I am on Discord now…

Edit: Here is the global notification they gave that caused this:

[Saturday, 2 March 2024] [00:13:52 CET] Notice -Global- [Network Notice] kbuck - Hi all, you may be aware that we have not been able to send NickServ emails for a few weeks now. In addition to this outage, we are also currently unable to renew TLS certificates and update DNS records, both critical infrastructure for IRC operation. We do not currently have time or resources to replace this infrastructure.

[Saturday, 2 March 2024] [00:13:52 CET] Notice -Global- [Network Notice] Currently, our DNS caches are expiring, which has resulted in some users being unable to connect. As time goes on, the DNS issues will worsen. Additionally, on March 25, our TLS certificates will expire and not be renewed. This will render the IRC network largely unusable. We recommend that you put plans into place to move your communities elsewhere. Thanks, EsperNet staff.

Obviously I panicked because they did not seem to have an intent on fixing this, and I needed a quick solution to fix this before everything goes haywire. So I was practically forced to pick Discord, because Matrix would have taken too long to setup properly…

Then a few days after I already started the Discord Server I get this fucking message from esper:

[Tuesday, 5 March 2024] [05:48:18 CET] Notice -Global- [Network Notice] kbuck - Good news everyone: We are in the process of deploying a new DNS server to restore service. This will allow us to continue operating for the near future. We are continuing to work on restoring other backend services.

Yeah uh fuck that shit I guess, now I am already too deep to stop…

And here we are, now I got a Discord Server. Took me a while to prepare properly, but it technically worked on day one, and a bunch of people are already in it (before I stopped public invites due to the flood of people from other Servers).

The IRC channel will stay, so people can keep joining it if they dont want to make any accounts with sites.

I will update the Website with an invite Link too, once the potential flood of people from this post subsides.

By the way I did draw (“only”) two Emotes during the past few weeks, more will follow soonish. So far we got the memes
:greglmao: Jay Jonah Jameson laughing, and
:gtconsequences: Girl looking at camera with House on fire in the background, warning of the consequences of building a Lawnbase without Roof.


are there any plans for a matrix bridge?

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Yes but right now there is only an IRC bridge there (which goes to one of the slightly less public discord channels), so you will have to use that for now I guess.

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Great timing.

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Gee I wonder if it is because April First, lol.