So I changed the Forum Guidelines, any criticism?

So I changed the Forum Guidelines, any criticism?

Here is the part I changed. Should be good, so Feedback would be nice.

There still is that part with the Discourse Default below all that ofcourse.

All I really care about is just that people are at least somewhat decent and both use and understand common sense, and try to be nice to others.

But here is some good Guidelines I came up with:

  1. I always have the last say, just in case. But I also try to adhere to the other Guidelines I made up. :wink:

  2. Just try to be nice to everyone and don’t spread hate about anyone.

  3. Don’t bring up random Drama, nor try to make up Drama either.

  4. Avoid talking about Politics, Religion or similar bad real life things, this is a place for fun! I already don’t like it when I have to talk about laws that may impact our open and free Forum negatively.

  5. Intellectual Property is not something that should be brought up between two Users of this place. Everything that gets posted by you in here should be free to use, modify and redistribute for everyone else who posts their version of it in here, just like how OpenSource and Creative Commons work, but constrained to within the Forums. (This part of the Guideline does not apply to Minecraft Mods). Also do note that some stuff might be licensed GPL or LGPL so it’s not “just” limited to the Forums in some cases. I just dont like people complaining about their work being “stolen” just because someone had a good reason to take it, modify it and re-release it.

  6. Logos and Names of Stuff are there for identifying their original Creator(s)/Project(s), so at least change the Name and Logo meaningfully, when you copy someone else’s work, even if it’s just a small change.