So, GT6 is compatible with both thaumcraft and AE2, Is it compatible with Thaumic Energistics?


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Also, can we get an icon for official minecraft launcher? (128x128 block render (maybe a crucible?) )

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Wait what? Since when do Mods have Icons in 1.7.10?

and does Thaumic Energistics need additional Compat? I cant imagine anything to be incompatible.

Not mod icon, launcher icon, like this:

Also, would you recommend installing IC2 in this modpack? :

idk honestly, i want to make it as hard(not in terms of grind but in terms of recipes) as GT6 vanilla but more content wise

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Also how many times have you’ve been told that you avatar looks like dr.eggman?

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That Launcher I dont use, only has Vanilla Blocks in that Icon List, how would I even add anything to that?

And yes obviously it looks like Eggman. :stuck_out_tongue:


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“That launcher i don’t use” - sounds like yoda XD

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Wouldn’t Yoda say it like “use that launcher I dont”? XD