Smart Moving smart-shitting itself when it comes to new GT6 scaffolds

Or in other words, scaffolds simply don’t work with smart moving mod. You cannot climb them. I presume smart moving changes the interaction of player with ladders, and most likely the implementation of scaffold climbing doesn’t account for that.

Also, just as a side note, those scaffolds are incredibly gorgeous, their esthetic value is impossible to overpraise.


Well I dont think I can fix that because they are literally Ladders when it comes to code. Ladders are nothing but “has non-full-block collision box” and “is flagged as being a ladder”.

All the special stuff I did was toggling certain parts of the collision Boxes, but the Ladder itself is never removed, only the Floor Piece is.

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Right, so i guess the problem is in the smart moving mod, maybe it needs to have your scaffolds specifically marked as ladders, or whatever. Anyways, thanks. Considering the mod author of SM probably doesn’t work on the mod anymore, and i have no idea about how to modify the mod, i’ll mark it solved.


Smart moving has smart moving problems. It cannot be fixed unless you literally specify a specific item to work with it. See the cough aptly named issue in this fork of SM. U CANT CLAMB LADDERS IN OTHER MODS · Issue #5 · makamys/SmartMoving · GitHub.

The root of the issue is that Smart Moving has a hardcoded list of surfaces that it lets you climb, rather than letting you climb anything that implements Block#isLadder to return true.


Yeah, i saw that topic and it confirmed my suspicions about hard coded blocks you can climb as ladders. Thankfully, it’s such a small problem that it can be mitigated by just turning smart moving off with a hotkey (a great hack the dev made, probably to counteract such problems). Thanks anyways!